Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Chicago IL Wedding Photographer

At a Bridal show a couple of weeks ago, we met a bride from Chicago who was seriously considering St Louis area vendors to see if the St Louis vendor would be cheaper than Chicago's vendors. With Chicago's wedding vendor prices being so high, and especially considering Chicago IL Wedding Photographers pricing, the bride may have been right on track. Even including travel costs, it may end up coming out cheaper for her to bring up a wedding photographer from St Louis.

We told her that we'd love to visit the windy city, and she was going to be doing pictures down by Navy Pier, so that furthered our hope that she'd have us do her wedding pictures.

Then it occured to me that Chicago may not be the only market that is so expensive in a day's drive. We may even encourage brides from other cities to consider us because we may still be cheaper than their home town photographers. Plus, who doesn't love road trips? We'll see how this ends up playing out.

Belleville IL Photographer

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