Sunday, November 22, 2009

Alton IL Wedding Photographer

In what may have been the last wedding for this year, we had a great time again with another bride and groom. The churh was gorgeous. Amazing lighting. We had unusually good weather for the middle of November. Larissa got some great sunset shots again this wedding. It seems like the timing has worked out just right the past few weddings for us to get sunset backgrounds. Here are a few of my shots from the wedding.

Quick note: I'm hoping to switch over to more sports for the next few months, so my blog will probably have some sports photos instead of the usual wedding posts.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Collinsville IL Wedding Photographer

We've had a good run of weekends with weddings. Even doing so many weddings, each wedding is still unique. The bride and groom at yesterday's wedding were easy-going, and we got some great pictures. We did all kinds of craziness including a trip to the mall - which we got kicked out of for having a the main part of the mall. Stores seem to have gone crazy with the whole don't take pictures at my store stuff. Either way, we managed to get some great stuff. Here are a few that I took.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

St Peters Wedding Photography

Last weekend's wedding was in St Peters, MO. The ceremony took place at sunset - perfect timing. We got some fun shots even after the sun wasn't up any more with only the sunset. The reception hall was packed with people, and the bride and groom didn't dissapoint. Instead of a single first dance, there were actually 2 first dances with the bride and groom. The first one was traditional, and the second dance was where the bride busted out the moves. Here are some of the images I got from the wedding.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Forest Park Wedding Video

For last week's wedding, I was doing both photo and video. You just had to smile watching the bride and groom together. It was easy to tell that they were both thrilled to be getting married. It was a beautiful day to take pictures and to make new friends.

The video clip here was taken when the bride and groom first saw each other on their wedding day in Forest Park. I'll be putting together a full "fusion" video with photos and video later from the entire day. This is just a sneak peak.

Belleville IL Photographer