Friday, October 30, 2009

Waterloo IL Wedding Pictures

Beautiful blue skies, swarms of ladybugs, and a mini-photographer. But the fun from last weekend's wedding doesn't stop there. You might think that out in the middle of cornfields we'd have trouble finding variety, but finding good backgrounds was easier than you might think. The bride and groom did a good job planning, and had a good variety of locations. Here's a sneak peak for some of what we got last weekend.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Chicago IL Wedding Photographer

At a Bridal show a couple of weeks ago, we met a bride from Chicago who was seriously considering St Louis area vendors to see if the St Louis vendor would be cheaper than Chicago's vendors. With Chicago's wedding vendor prices being so high, and especially considering Chicago IL Wedding Photographers pricing, the bride may have been right on track. Even including travel costs, it may end up coming out cheaper for her to bring up a wedding photographer from St Louis.

We told her that we'd love to visit the windy city, and she was going to be doing pictures down by Navy Pier, so that furthered our hope that she'd have us do her wedding pictures.

Then it occured to me that Chicago may not be the only market that is so expensive in a day's drive. We may even encourage brides from other cities to consider us because we may still be cheaper than their home town photographers. Plus, who doesn't love road trips? We'll see how this ends up playing out.

Belleville IL Photographer

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Germantown Wedding Photos

So we've had this whole German theme going lately. A few weeks ago, it was a German wedding. Last week's wedding was in Germantown, IL. What are the odds?

Last week's wedding was unique in a number of ways. The guys and girls had some of the most interesting accessories I've ever seen at a wedding. The guys wore striped ties, the girls had some crazy colored scarf things. The bride has an eye for that kind of thing - it turned out great.

Not only did the bride coordinate the accessories, she also decorated the American Legion where the reception was held. I've NEVER seen an American Legion look like this. Amazing transformation.

I usually don't post 5 pictures, but I feel like even 5 isn't enough for this wedding. Either way - here's a sampling from the wedding.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

St Louis Wedding Photographer

Last week, Larissa and I crossed the river to be St Louis wedding photographers for the day. It was a German wedding, which was new for me. The guys were all music guys, so that was fun. We got some great shots. Larissa had some really good shots this wedding too. We both worked together to set up quite a few photos - hopefully she'll get around to posting her fav's. Here are some that I took.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

St Louis Area Sports Pictures

I've recently started taking sports pictures at high school events. If anyone is interested in having me come to a game, let me know. I had one guy ask me about taking pictures at Motocross. Whatever kind of event it is, I'd be happy to come.

I usually just do pictures, but if you want video, I can do that too. Be ready with the sports schedule so I can find a good time that we aren't already booked for. I'll also need to know the player number and all that kind of stuff.

Belleville IL Photographer

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Freeburg Wedding Photography

So this was last weekend's other wedding. This one was in Freeburg, Larissa's home town. The guys at this wedding were "car guys". I think the girls were just waiting for all the car guy testosterone to die down at the end of the day. The church ended up being standing room only. This wedding was a popular place to be on Saturday. Here are a few of my shots.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Belleville Bridal Show

Larissa and I did a bridal show on Tuesday - it went pretty well. Last year we were the only photographers attending, but this year we were one of about 10. It still seems like we did well at the show, and we'll see if we end up getting bookings from the show.

While the models were doing their show, Larissa and I were goofing off at our booth. We took a few shots of each other for fun. Plus who wants a blog post from a photographer without any pictures?

Ofallon Illinois Wedding Pictures

These pictures look a little deceptive - it was actually pretty cold for last week's wedding. Even with lower temperatures, we got some great pictures. This was a gorgeous Ofallon venue - my first wedding here. Here are some of the images I got.